1. age — GUM: Generally Unacceptable Members (of Society) (Beat Tape) (AUDIO).

    Adrian Mendoza (age) says: I dedicate this to those I grew up with skateboarding and doing music with. We did what we did; regardless of what people thought and whatever preconceived notions that they had of us. We simply were young, and trying to figure it out, and doing what we loved. I know that we all live in different places, in different lands, and doing different things (be it raising a family, working, school, and so on). I just wanted to say thank you all and those who’ve been through it with us; or, went through well, and without getting into too much trouble. This release is for you!

    Recorded in real time, individually, on a White Normal Bias Type 1 cassettes. 11 tracks strong and roughly 13 minutes long. It dates from 1996 to present.


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