1. After 1989: Images From Our Racist Show-And-Tell with Das Racist.

    Last night the ego trip People descended on the powerHouse Arena in DUMBO, Brooklyn as part of the Asian American Writers' Workshop's After 1989 program. Our assignment: to present a slide show of racial print ad images from the era of political correctness, the 1990s , and have the guys from everyone's favorite hip-hop group possibly named after an old Wonder Showzen skit but not really, Das Racist , respond with witty repartee. Since the program went so well we thought we'd share some of the images we curated here with our egotripland readers, so you may join in the fun too.


    Ain't the Devil Happy? Benetton's sinful subtle message is no child's play.

    Nip-sey Hussle: Benetton Black nanny's breasts feed milky white bambino after a long day of pushing baby carriage in Brooklyn.

    Heil Ale: Take the edge off with some hate brew that's more fun than a game of Yahtzee with Nazis.

    It's in the Jeans: Levi's didn't get all the kinks out of their racial sensitivity agenda.

    Da Elephant Man: Plot to Hannibalize the beer competition fails. P.S. Black Vikings rule, bro.

    Shook Ones: Shades of Willie Horton in campaign to eradicate prejudice and tooth decay.

    White is Wong: No, that's not Kenny Powers, but we do see anti-racism ad backfire like a Chinese New Year.

    Black Hole Sun: He's a ninja, she's a ninja, wouldn't you like to be a ninja too? You can be at this European tanning salon.

    Not Your Average Brown Band: Kool A.D., Dapwell & Heems of Das Racist moved the crowd with their incite-ful insight.

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