1. WATCH: Affion Crockett – "WTF" (Jay-Z & Lil Wayne Parody) Music Video.


    Professional funnyman and expert rap impersonator Affion Crockett is back with a new comedy album called Watch the Clone , and he-reheats the old beef between Jay-Z and Lil Wayne in an amusing video set off by Donnell Rawlings (aka Ashy Larry from Chappelle's Show ) questioning the faux Hov about the Weez's love for "mandex" pants. This all leads to the song parody "WTF," as in "What the fuck is Wayne wearing?," with the "Jigga Man" throwing lines like, "If Elmo was gangsta, he'd be wearing what Wayne does" and "give RuPaul his pants back." Got to say, this cut is way better than Mr. Carter's "Change Clothes."

    "Testicles are swollen, yeast infection."

    [Via 2DBZ ]

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