1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Cancelled Adidas Shackle Sneaker Not Inspired By Slave Chains But a Lovable '80s Toy?


    As previously reported, the uproar over the Adidas' JS Roundhouse Mids with Shackles — which featured chains many consumers have closely associated with images of slavery — led the shoe company to cancel its plans to put the sneakers on the market later this year. Now comes a New York Observer piece that argues that the Jeremy Scott -designed sneakers were, in fact, meant to conjure an association of something far more innocent: '80s toys/cartoons. In this post by Foster Kamer , My Pet Monster , the plush doll turned direct-to-video movie/animated TV show is cited as the actual inspiration for the chained-up design. Aww - that cute monster doesn't look racist at all! (Whatever their inspiration, though, the sneakers still come off suspect.) With the single monster theory thus presented - what do you think?

    (My Pet Monster photo from hockey frilla blog )

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Özgür Kurtoglu

      I think Jeremy Scott is an idiot. More so now.

    • Ashy Larry

      Number one, those shoes are hideous. Number two, they are Laker color wich makes them even more hideous.

    • bboycult

      Damn...the internetz prove to be a piece of shit yet again! The transformation to 'willing mental slave' was going to be available for purchase this summer (regardless craven/desperate artistic intention); and NOW the opportunity to witness several stark nude faux-emperors walking around in public is LOST!