1. THE BEST OF RACISM: Adidas’ JS Roundhouse Mids with Shackles.

    Own some hot kicks? Well, it’s about time some fancy footwear owns you! Perhaps that was the thought process behind Adidas’ unfortunate design for the new Jeremy Scott Roundhouse Mids, which come specially equipped with pastel-hued shackles that conspicuously resemble slave chains . (Peace, 2 Chainz.) Fashionistas, listen up: the Amistad look is once again hot in the streets. The best part? If you pick up a pair of these and come down with buyer’s remorse, there’s likely some sneaker addict out there who’ll gladly give up 40 acres and a mule for ’em on The ebay.

    UPDATE: After widespread condemnations of the JS Roundhouse Mids’ design, Adidas has cancelled all plans for future sales . Damn. Now the prototype will cost at least 80 acres and a mule.

    [via Indie Wire ; h/t ODub ]

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