1. (NSFW) WATCH: Action Bronson x Party Supplies - "Hookers at the Point" Music Video.

    (NSFW) WATCH: Action Bronson x Party Supplies – “Hookers at the Point” Music Video.

    Taking its inspiration from the infamous HBO documentary of the same name, "Hookers at the Point" is the raw dog first offering from Action Bronson and Party Supplies' forthcoming collaborative project, Blue Chips . It presents vignettes of three different characters: crack prostitute, "Cyndi"; pimp, "Silk" (Bronson); and junkie, "Ramon." But no matter whose perspective the rhymes are coming from, the harrowing scenario (executed with dark, depressing but nevertheless compelling flair by director Rik Cordero) definitely ain't pretty, folks, but chances are you'll get sucked into the lurid visuals of illicit back alley transactions for narcotic fueled oral pleasures. Watch at your own risk; NSFW!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Wasted a brilliant comment @ Missinfo.tv on this one... I hate when that happens. Oh well..used to ' spray my Jerk Off ' (c) The Simpsons 500th; to that HBO series all the time.

      That last one w/the walk-up, haggler Johns (face exposed/no shame)...most cringe-worthy piece of reality tv ever.