1. WATCH: Action Bronson Get Busy in the Kitchen.


    As a lot of you know, Action Bronson is a chef and in this following clip courtesy of MySpace (no typo), we spend the afternoon with the portly gentleman as he goes through all the necessary activities to make zucchini blossoms stuffed with ricotta, activities which include cursing out an employee at the market and getting kicked out, shoppin' for ingredients at the farmer's market in Union Square, then heading back to his crib to cook up some marvelous shit. Along the way, we learn about Bronson the man. "I love cookin'," he says, and after a long pause, adds, "Because it's funnnn."

    "I'm tryin' to stay light these days. I'm tryin' to keep my girlish figure in place."

    [Via 2DBZ ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • goony

      obese wiggers are so 90's.

    • DJMikeG

      Stop hatin, this sh*t is dope!

    • goony

      ah, the hatin' card. well played. just making an attempt at humor. he doesn't sound like a second-rate Ghostface at all.

    • Max

      Love me some Action Bronson