1. A Tribe Called Quest —The Low End Theory 25th Anniversary Mix by Hellee Hooper (AUDIO).

    Check the vibe y’all…

    Track List:

    ATCQ – Check The Rhime (Mr. Muhammed’s Mix)
    Dalton & Dubarri – I’m Just A Rock ’N’ Roller
    Average White Band – Love Your Life
    ATCQ – Check The Rhime
    Minnie Riperton – Baby, This Love I Have
    Sly & The Family Stone – Advice
    ATCQ – Skypager
    Eric Dolphy – 17 West
    ATCQ – Bugging Out
    Jack Dejohnette’s Directions – Minya’s The Mooch
    Lonnie Smith – Spinning Wheel
    Funkadelic – Let’s Take It To The People
    Willis Jackson – Don’t Knock My Love
    ATCQ – Everything Is Fair
    Willis Jackson – Ain’t No Sunshine
    Eric Mercury – Long Way Down
    Sly & The Family Stone – Stand
    ATCQ – Rap Promoter
    The New Birth – Keep Doin’ It
    Art Blakey And The Jazz Messengers – A Chant For Bu
    ATCQ – Excursions
    The Last Poets – Time Is Running Out
    The Shades Of Brown – The Soil I Tilled For You
    Uncle Willie’s Dream – Paul Humphrey
    ATCQ – What?
    Grant Green – Down Here On The Ground
    ATCQ – Vibes And Stuff
    Gary Bartz – Gentle Smiles
    Chuck Jackson – I Like Everything About You
    ATCQ – Butter
    Weather Report – Young And Fine
    Five Stairsteps – Don’t Change Your Love
    Jimmy McGriff – Green Dolphin Street
    ATCQ – Jazz (We’ve Got)
    Mountain – Long Red
    ATCQ – Jazz (We’ve Got) (Re-Recording)
    Freddie Hubbard – Suite Sioux
    Jackie Jackson – Is It Him Or Me
    ATCQ – The Infamous Date Rape
    Heatwave – The Star Of A Star
    ATCQ – Verses From The Abstract
    Joe Farrell – Upon This Rock
    Verrannte & Teicher – Midnight Cowboy
    The Fatback Band – Wicki Wacky
    ATCQ – Show Business
    Gerson King Combo – Mandamentos Black
    Brother Jack McDuff – Oblighetto
    ATCQ – Scenario
    Jimi Hendrix – Little Miss Lover
    Kool & The Gang – Soul Vibrations
    ATCQ -Scenario (Remix)
    The Emotions – Blind Alley
    Ohio Players – Estacy

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