1. WATCH: A-Trak — Fool’s Gold Interview.

    DJ/producer/record label owner/ketchup enthusiast A-Trak takes a moment out of his busy schedule to talk shop — namely, his Fool’s Gold record shop/label to be exact. As a purveyor of some of the most excellent musica caliente around, FG has steadily built an impressive resume of all sorts of poppin’ musical selections . In this quick chat, A-Trak explains the primary goal for his imprint: “[We want] every DJ to have a crate in their collection at home that’s just Fool’s Gold with all our releases. Bringing it back to these classic labels that when we were starting to DJ we would go to a shop and be like, ‘Oh, there’s a new release on Rawkus? It must be good.’ And you pick it up. Bringin’ back that mentality.”

    A-Trak also lends his thoughts on what drives him to do his craft: “There’s nothing that really compares to this sort of sense of meditation, like you’re not really even there, that you can get when you’re working on music.” But enough of us tellin’ you what he said, check it out for yourself:

    [Via Fool’s Gold ]

    (Hey! Yeah you. Here’s a bonus for all you horndogs, a sorta NSFW FG presentation , specifically for those who like oglin’ the womens.)

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