1. The ’80s VHS Mixtape Experience (VIDEO).

    File under futuristic nostalgia. It’s 15 minutes of non-stop dance music from Punk Rock Kick ‘s “Sumfink Like Disco” Mixtape (2011) latched onto heavy ’80s pop culture visuals, everything from Kool and the Gang vs. The Spinners beer commercials to the Alfonso Ribeiro’s breakin’ infomercial to Willie Dynamite clips… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

    Billed as “songs from the 21st century recut to the disco of the 20th century,” this edit morphs tracks from artists like Snoop Dogg and the Chemical Brothers with party music from yesteryear and as an added bonus is set to a crazy montage of video madness primarily from the Reagan era — footage preserved on that magical medium known as VHS.


    (Props to Punk Rock Kick.)

    The 80`s VHS Mixtape "Sumfink Like Disco" (VIDEO).

    (Props to Punk Rock Kick. Hear all three parts of “Sumfink Like Disco” on Soundcloud .)

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