1. 8 Classic Rap Album Covers Remixed with Comic Book Characters.

    We here at egotripland have a thing for “remixed” hip-hop album covers . That’s why we we dig the work of artist Kenny Keil , who has concocted quite a few impressive make-believe illustrations imagining various superheroes posing on the front of iconic rap LPs . These are just super, man.

    For more, go to his Flickr page.

    Spider-Man — The Great Adventures of Spider-Man

    Kang The Conqueror — Long Live The Kang

    Jean Grey — Ready to Die

    MODOK — IllModok

    A Guy Named Jamie — Multiple Madroxes

    Robin — He's the Sidekick

    Hawk — Hawk World

    N.W.A — Straight Outta Asgard

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