1. 7 Ways Rick Ross Could Spend $50K to Mess Up Kreayshawn For 7 Days.

    And the beef goes on… Yesterday it was revealed via excerpts from XXL ‘s forthcoming Maybach Music Group cover story that Miami’s finest, Mr. Ricky Rozay, continues to let Oaktown’s meme-of-the-moment Kreayshawn get under his exceptionally tatted skin.

    The Bawse goes so far as to say he’d “pay 50K to mess up [Kreayshawn’s] whole week.” $50,000?!?! Word? In these tough economic times 50G’s ain’t nuthin’ to sneeze at. Of course, this got us thinking about how that money could be spent most wisely and effectively. Or maybe not.


    1. Monday.

    • Use 50K as seed money for latest venture: “Payback Music Group.”
    • Develop competing MMG white girl rapper with an even more uncanny resemblance to Kathy Griffin. Totally steal her thunder.


    2. Tuesday.

    • Hire a squad of Belgian hackers to rickroll her Ustream account.
    • Disable her “pop-up” blocker. Bombard her with ads for Wale’s new single.


    3. Wednesday.

    • Order “hella” pizzas from Domino’s and have them delivered to her doorstep — every hour on the hour. Make sure none of them have good toppings.
    • Send maaaaad spam to her mailbox. Real Spam. In a can. Ewww. Gross .


    4. Thursday

    •Tape her eyelids open Clockwork Orange style, force her to watch his man boobs jiggle.
    • Publicly bet her that she has to put a dollar in a jar every time V-Nasty says that N-word. Drain her bank account.


    5. Friday.

    • “Surprise” her with “Gucci, Gucci, Louis, Louis, Fendi, Fendi, Prada…” gift certificates. Kill her with kindness.


    6. Saturday.

    • Combine ruthlessness of Larry Hoover with savvy of J. Edgar Hoover: hire snitch to infiltrate WGM and misplace all their favorite bath products.


    7. Sunday.

    • Book himself a relaxing vacation, wait for 15 minutes to elapse. Problem gone.


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