1. 7 Books By Rappers ego trip Would Like to See Written

    B.M.F on M.B.F. by Rick Ross

    C.O. turned O.G. Rick Ross here reveals his most inspiring public persona yet, The Dawg Whisperer.

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      No HMO >>

    • Justin

      Oh...it's the Complex Magazine one thing per page layout. Get that money Ego Trip!

    • ego trip

      It's true: We love Complex and we love the guap.

      P.S. Love don't pay the bills, the guap does.

    • HoagyBeets

      The other entries are probably hilarious, but who has time for click-bait antics?

    • ego trip

      We tried tricking you into clicking a whole bunch of seven times, Hoagy, but failed. You win!

    • http://Www.sundayhhtimes.blogspot.com The Editor

      Started with a bang though, could of really went in if really wanted too.

    • cocotaso

      so we're calling cam's IBS the itis now?

    • Justin

      I guess that sounded sarcastic when I meant it as heartfelt. Get that money Ego Trip!