1. 7 Books By Rappers ego trip Would Like to See Written

    808s & Heartbreakers: My Failed Tour With Tom Petty by Kanye West

    The wrenching saga of a heavenly musical pairing gone tragically awry as told through Kanye’s stunna shades.

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      No HMO >>

    • Justin

      Oh...it's the Complex Magazine one thing per page layout. Get that money Ego Trip!

    • ego trip

      It's true: We love Complex and we love the guap.

      P.S. Love don't pay the bills, the guap does.

    • HoagyBeets

      The other entries are probably hilarious, but who has time for click-bait antics?

    • ego trip

      We tried tricking you into clicking a whole bunch of seven times, Hoagy, but failed. You win!

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      Started with a bang though, could of really went in if really wanted too.

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      so we're calling cam's IBS the itis now?

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      I guess that sounded sarcastic when I meant it as heartfelt. Get that money Ego Trip!