1. Shiznit We Slept On Vol. 50: The 50 Cent, N.O.R.E., Consequence & Punchline Cipher (1997).

    Now here is some footage that has circulated on damn near every hip-hop site, but it’s too good not to post here on egotripland. Apparently recorded at New York City’s famed Hit Factory while Nore was working on his stellar solo debut, N.O.R.E. , friends 50 Cent, Consequence and Punchline join the SuperThug in an impromptu freestyle session, dropping crazy rhymes over the Kurt Gowdy produced track for the song “The Change.” (Peep Kid Capri in the back enjoying the hell out of what’s going down.) Amongst the memorable quotables is Punchline tellin’ his detractors to “‘take it in vein (vain) like insulin,” Noreaga kickin’ some nasty Spanglish the way only he can do it, Cons spittin’ lines about his and his better half’s whips (“Wifey is pushin’ the Cam like Untertainment”) and, in perhaps the best moment of the cipher, Fif goes in with, “Here’s a jewel: Love your enemies and hate your friends/Your enemies remain the same, your friends always change.” Even if you’ve already seen it, this is a time capsule worth checking out again.

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