1. 50 Cent — "Hold On" (AUDIO).


    50 Cent has a problem. He came from the gutter and got rich, but now it seems like it’s his musical rep amongst certain hip-hop fans that’s been stuck in the gutter. It happens in all of entertainment. After a while, people stop checking for you, no matter what your newest material is like — even if it’s good. ( LL Cool J has the same problem. )

    “Hold On” off the upcoming Animal Ambition album is a low-key song that rings with tight production and sharp words. Of course, there’s no telling whether or not 50 will once again be the problem he once was that started with “How To Rob” and continued with the G-Unit mixtape era and Get Rich days. But here at least, Fif gives the people a reason to hold on just a bit longer.


    [Via Flex ]

    50 Cent — "Hold On” (MUSIC VIDEO).

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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • JJ Jayson

      50 made a track I like here. Respect.

    • DRS


    • Lil Slo

      Funny what happens to artists when they start making music for the sake of making music instead making money which i assume is what's happening here since no one gives a shit about 50 anymore.

    • Mm

      This is cool. Fiddy sings a nice hook.

    • KennyX93

      2003 50 ok!

    • jayo