1. 5 Videos of Eric B. & Rakim from the "Don't Sweat The Technique" Era.


    Tomorrow marks 20 years since the release of Eric B. & Rakim 's fourth and final album together, Don't Sweat the Technique , a piece of work that many feel has gotten even better with time. UpNorthTrips / @upnorthtrips once again has reached deep into the Internetz to bring all of you some rap artifacts from the famous duo for y'all to soak in on these hot Summer days...

    Rakim Freestyle & Interview

    A bit from Chuck D's Hip-Hop Hall of Fame featuring Ra droppin' killer line after killer line: "I took a kid and cut off his eyelids/ Kill him slow so he can know what I did/ And if he don't understand what I said/ I'm pushin' his eyeballs way to the back of his head/ So he can see what he's gettin' into/ A part of the mind he ain't never been through."

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    St. Ides Commercial (1992)

    These are still the realest rap-related ads ever made.

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    Eric B. & Rakim Interview

    We get to hear from Eric B. as he tells us how his pops' attitude towards rap chanced once his son blew up.

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    "Long Island Wildin'" News Report

    A visit to Strong Island, home of hip-hop greats like PE, EMPD, and of course, our featured duo. "The Island is good growin' up out there because you can see both sides of the fence," says Rakim.

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    "Juice (Know The Ledge)" Live on In Living Color

    Rosie Perez unmistakable voice introduces one seriously dope performance.

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    Fly Girls Dancing to 'Don't Sweat The Technique"

    J.Lo and dem gonna work it out.

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      When Ra is in the house, oh my god... this cat is physically uncapable of droppin a weak verse, for real.
      You better be cookin an article or a homage of some sort for this anniversary Egotrip, big ups.