1. 5 Slept-On Nate Dogg Songs.


    Today marks one year since the premature passing of the great Nate Dogg. World renowned for putting the “G” in “guest" appearance, Nate left behind an unmatched recorded legacy of hits upon mega-hits, lending his distinctive crooning to songs by everyone from fellow Long Beach homie Snoop Dogg to Eminem. Right now, however, we celebrate the man’s individual work with a sampling of five of his mos’ slept on solo songs , lesser known joints from his career that deserve recognition alongside his countless classics.


    Nate Dogg — "Crazy Dangerous" (Death Row, 1997)

    Cruise off into the sunset with this moody interpolation of Luther Ingram's "If Loving You is Wrong I Don't Want to be Right" from producer Johnny J with Nate Dogg's thought-provoking observations about street survival echoing smoothly in your brain.

    Nate Dogg — "Just Another Day (Remix)" (Dogg Foundation Records, 1998)

    A peek into the 'hood livin', globetrottin' life of the Rhythm & Gangsta boss over a nice chunky groove produced by Paul Cruz is just another overlooked sureshot.

    Nate Dogg ft. Dr. Dre — "Your Wife" (Elektra, 2001)

    The OG homies Nate and Dr. Dre reunited on this scandalous affair about someone's wayward wife set to a herky-jerky rhythm that hurts so good.

    Nate Dogg ft. Nas & JS of 54th PLatoon "The Goodlife" (Universal, 2001)

    The 213 meets the 212 in a soaring, hard punching expedition that never lets up. Nate and Nas together? Now you know you in trouble.

    Nate Dogg — "I Need A Bitch" (Elektra, 2002)

    100% uncut Nate Dogg gives you the straight dope about the type of ladies that roll on his team. Lil' Kim is probably one of those types, but this is the version without her on it. (No disrespect.)

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