1. 5 More Women’s Fashion Looks Lil’ Wayne May Wanna Consider Rocking.

    The buzz post-MTV Video Music Awards around the pop culture water cooler the past few days has been all about the jeggings. Specifically, those leopard print tights Lil’ Wayne wore during his performance of the show’s closing number , when Weezy brandished a guitar and (after pretending to play it for a hot minute) smashed that sucker to the floor like he was a young, money-ed, and pissed as hell Pete Townsend (damn, just imagine if it was a skateboard). Now our friends at the Complex network have uncovered the truth: the incriminating stretch-pants-wear were in fact women’s jeggings . What’s next – thugs in Uggs? Funny you should ask. The style department here at ego trip presents its forecast of more women’s wear looks Weezy may wanna try on for size. Ain’t no jeggings like the one you’ve got? Au contraire , wodie. (WARNING: GRAPHIC!)


    1. Capri Pants.

    The perennial classic with a cut made for those nasty 500 degreez NO summers.

    2. High Waisted Denim.

    When Sagging Is Not Enough: Let’s kick it up a notch and take things in a whole ‘nother direction. Keep rising to the top!

    3. Juicy Couture Sweatpants.

    Fuck what ya heard. Comfort never goes out of style, bitches.

    4. Shiny Tights.

    Wanna really go Rock ‘n’ Roll? Forget Metallica, Weezy, get metallic! All you little duffle bag boys go get your money… ’cause this look ain’t cheap!

    5. Thigh High Socks and Shorts with the Pockets Hanging Out.

    What’s hotter than a Prostitute Flange? This look!

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