1. A New 45 King Breaks Mix? Yes, Please! (AUDIO).


    You never know what's gonna randomly turn up on Soundcloud with little or no fanfare - new music, previously unreleased treats or just a random DJ mix by a longtime favorite producer. Fulfilling the latter category is this new 45 King mix which doesn't even have a proper title. Not that any Mark James-helmed program of classic breaks of the super disco variety and beyond (from Steely Dan to "Super Sperm"; the Jones Girls to Jack Jones) requires much prompting for us to wanna peep. Listen below.

    [h/t Grand Good ]

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • Sir Spam-a-lot

      dope as fuck...

      was listening to this as i spammed you website earlier...

      top spammin tunes..

      big up