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    Recently had the pleasure of speaking to one of my favorite producers of all-time 45 King for RBMA Radio . While I've actually known Mark James for several years - having hosted him a couple of times as a guest DJ at my old APT residency some years back - this was my first attempt at conducting an extensive interview with him. Part of what makes Mark so cool as a person is what makes him slightly challenging as an interview subject: he's one of the least pretentious people I've ever meet. He makes the music he likes and makes it well and eschews overly in-depth analysis as superfluous. He'd sooner make jokes, dismissing his track record with a deadpan, "I got lucky about 15 times." On top of that, there's a wealth of important music over the course of his career to cover, some of which - like his first effort with the Jazzy 4 MCs (note the "MJ - DEE JAY" credit) - was probably too niche to make the final cut for our "Fireside Chat." What did make it in: his early upper Bronx days learning breaks as DJ Breakout's (of Funky 4 Plus One More fame) record boy, his memories of moving to NJ and recording all the Flavor Unit stuff as Vaughan "Bounce Rock Skate Roll" Mason's tenant, meeting Latifah after being hired by her mother to DJ a school dance, his participation in the creation of Big Daddy Kane's "Set It Off," remixing Madonna and Lisa Stansfield, and how watching Nell Carter in a commercial for the Broadway revival of Annie resulted in Jay-Z's "Hard Knock Life." In the words of the late Markey Fresh, roll out the red carpet, the King is here.

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