1. Yeah, You Might Collect 45s – But Bow Down to Jules Gayton’s Collection of 45 Adapters (GALLERY).

    Collecting 45 rpm 7″ vinyl has become absurdly trendy these past few years (resulting in folks dropping inflated amounts on “rarities” like this ). But there’s a next level connoisseurship to the 45 game most folks overlook: the adapters that enable you to actually play 7s on a turntable. When it comes to collecting these little, literal center pieces of the world of 7s, DJ Jules Gayton – a ubiquitous presence on the downtown NYC nightlife circuit back in the day – has got a collection that could fill a book. And now it has, via Miss Lily’s (the folks who previously brought us this great anthology of Jamaican dancehall signs ).

    As Miss Lily’s Variety writes:

    Miss Lily’s second published release, Middles, Centers, Spiders, & Inserts: 45 Adapters from the Collection of Jules Gayton , catalogs the seminal downtown New York City disc jockey’s personal amassment of these endangered (and once commonplace) artifacts that came to prominence during the heyday of the jukebox and the 45 rpm single. This catalog showcases Gayton’s collection, which went from a small collection of middles housed in a shoebox, to near-extinct collectibles symbolizing a special piece of history that would soon cease to exist. As the music world began transitioning from vinyl to CD in the late ’80s, Gayton kept his hobby of collecting 45 inserts alive while deejaying at bars and clubs throughout NYC. Regarding the object’s perfect marriage of design and function, Gayton says, “Some were a simple round piece of metal that snapped together. They all did the same thing. They enabled the music to be played and enjoyed.”


    Middles, Centers, Spiders, & Inserts hits shelves today, and is printed in limited edition of 1000 copies. If you’re in NYC stop by Miss Lily’s Variety tonight for a special book release (details below). Or hit up misslilysnyc.com to buy the book and limited edition run of book related t-shirts produced in partnership with Stussy.

    WHAT: Middles, Centers, Spiders, & Inserts: 45 Adapters from the Collection of Jules Gayton Book Release Event featuring all-45s DJ sets by DJ Jules Gayton & guests.
    WHERE: Miss Lily’s Variety, 130 Houston St., NYC
    WHEN: Friday, November 23rd, 2012, 7-10pm

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