1. BREAKING! Less Than 4 Days Until “Watch The Throne” Changes The World.

    GENEVA – There are certain moments in this unedited, rambling, poorly-recorded mixtape known as life at which we (humanity) are forced to take pause. You know. Look things over. Reflect. Evaluate. Think! Yes, recall the consciousness-altering monu-moments of Y2K! The Rapture! And now, “8.8.11” – or as history will simply call it, “ #JanyeDay ” (or alternately, “Tha Day Tha Jiggaz Took Over.”) Expectations are beyond high. Among the nation’s internet service providers, there are tacit and/or whispered fears of total chaos, the mass confusion. Pandemonium is likely: Crying, celebrating, fucking, and happy-weepy fucking in the streets. It’s rumored that Chingy may even emerge from seclusion. Yeah, man. “8.8.11” is gonna be bigger than All-Star Weekend, Arab Spring, and a sample sale at Supreme – combined .

    (Note to Dr. Dre: This is what the run up to an anticipated album feels like.)

    What will the world be like when the clock strikes 8.8.11? All we can say for certain is it’ll never be the same again. For those of us doing time in the blogosphere, WTT is a pageview goldmine, a motherfuckin’ monster from hype heaven. After it arrives what then will we turn our attention to? How will we move on? What will we watch when we can no longer Watch The Throne?

    Maybe this .

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