1. On His 39th Birthday, Here Are 39 Pieces of J Dilla Tribute Art.

    Raise it up, people. Today, February 7th, we celebrate the birthday of the late, great Mr. James Dewitt Yancey – better known to music fans worldwide as J Dilla or Jay Dee . One of the most inventive and talented producers hip-hop has seen, Dilla’s been paid musical homage countless times via tribute songs, mixes and mix-tapes since his far too early passing in 2006. Even more prolific, however, have been the visual art homages his music has inspired – from accomplished artists and designers to those fans armed simply with a spray can, a stencil and some wall space to dedicate to this fallen son of Detroit. On this, the day Dilla would have turned 39, we present 39 pieces of J Dilla tribute art from places and spaces around the globe. We’ve done our best to accurately credit each artist, but ETL readers please feel free to help us fill in any missing info. You know what love is…


    ABOVE: J Dilla tribute mural in Cologne, Germany. Photo by innatesounds

    Dilla stencils.

    Spotted in Aukland, New Zealand.

    Still Shinin, by Mista Ceps.

    Dilla, by Anna Higgie.

    Thank You Jay Dee, by Bhanu Arbuaratna.

    “Self-initiated poster designs in honor of James Dewitt Yancey aka Jay Dee.” 2011
    [ Diplogram ]

    J Dilla Tribute, by Damon Brown.

    [ Damonfresh ]

    Dilla, by Kaikoo.

    James Yancy RIP, by Gustav One.

    Mural outside Paris, FR

    J Dilla, by Stenzskull.

    Dilla, by Soul Junkie.

    Dilla, by David at Society6.

    Dilla, by Blubuk1172.

    All Good, by Stefan Golz.

    Dilla, by Aivy B.

    Thank You Jay Dilla, by Yumgsta.

    Dilla, by Anou Brou Jr.

    J Dilla / Jay Dee, by Urban Innovation.

    Dilla fitted cap, by Jay Cruz.

    Dilla Donuts, by Anna Lina Balke.

    Dilla, by Boter B.

    J Dilla, by J Kova.

    Dilla, by Kamoni Khem.

    J Dilla, by Sean Kernick.


    Dimple Records mural, by Daniel Osterhoff.

    Sacramento, CA.

    Donuts album poster tribute by Brandon Brown.

    Dilla graff, by Bree, Anck, Be, TZM Krew.

    Turn It Up, by John Vichlenski.


    I (heart) Dilla. 2007, artist unknown.

    RIP J Dilla stencil, artist unknown.

    Typography poster by Harjeet Gill.

    J Dilla, by AM Radio.

    RIP, by Matt Litwin.

    It’s painted on a table top.

    RIP J Dilla, artist unknown.

    New York City subway car.

    King Dilla, by Aaron Campbell.

    Dilla, by Lisa Pisa.

    Mixed media on wood panel. Painted in Kagoshima, Japan 2011.

    We (Heart) Dilla Forever tee.

    Photo by Rhettmatic.

    James Yancy, Dilla, Jay Dee, by Sean Mack.

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