1. With 3-D “Printing” You Can Now Literally Make Your Own Mixtape, Player.

    As Nice & Smooth once crooned, this is how we take/the old from the new : Makerbot’s MP3 player that looks like a cassette . But that retro-styled visual gag/gimmick is only the beginning of what makes this so ill. Not only can you make your own mixtape (as in “playlist”), you actually can fabricate your own physical mixtape player .

    Those of you at the forefront of desktop technology with access to a 3D printer (which are not as expensive as you’d think) can actually “print” your own customized cassette cases in colors of your own choosing. And by “printing” we mean fabricating, in your own home, an actual tangible three dimensional object from a digital model, cheaply and somewhat easily. This is that next level throwback-to-the-future shit right here — all for a measly $25 (or $40 if you dont have a 3D printer). Only 2GB of storage, but damn son, you can’t have everything…yet.

    Marvel at the ease in which these young hipsters take technology for granted. Curse them. Damn kids.
    [via: Design Taxi ]

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