1. Shimmy Shimmy Ya-Ouch! 20 Ol’ Dirty Bastard Tattoos, Live & Uncut.

    During the media blitz for The Man With The Iron Fists , RZA frequently spoke about his desire to record a final Wu-Tang Clan album next year to commemorate the 20th anniversary of their classic 36 Chambers debut. Part of the reason he wanted the reunion to happen, he said, was that the Clan owed it to the fans. He told GWHH : “When I see people walking around with Wu tattoos and reading books and getting knowledge of their self, I know that what I’m doing is worth more than the value of money that I get paid for.”

    Ah yes, Wu tattoos. Way, way better than a Mitt Romney face tat , the Wu-Tang tats are one of rap fans’ most popular choices. It makes sense. Not only is the WTC one of the greatest hip-hop groups of all time, but each member is like a rap superhero.

    Even though the social taboos in getting tattoos have loosened up considerably, there still exists some small thrill in the belief that getting inked up makes you a rebel of sorts. And who better to represent that illicit feeling than Ol’ Dirty Bastard , the Wu’s resident bad ass. Here are 20 ODB tattoos that keep the spirit of Big Baby Jesus alive through permanently etched epidermis.


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