1. SEE, HEAR: 2 Low ft. Scarface — “Funky Lil Brother” Music Video (1993).

    Way realer than Lil’ Bow Wow and Kris Kross, Rap-A-Lot kid rapper 2 Low had a short but busy recording career in the early ’90s. For those who don’t know, 2 Low kicked off the cult classic posse jam “Bring It On” and even did some songs with Devin the Dude . The then 13-year-old from Houston, TX (government name: Cedric White) was apparently not the younger brother of label mate Scarface like many think, but was put on (and from the sounds of it, mentored) by the legend. He also, of course, collaborated with Mr. Brad Jordan on several songs, the most well known being the title track from 2 Low’s album, Funky Lil’ Brotha (although there was a far better R-Rated version on Scarface’s The World is Yours ). Peep the music video for the PG “Funky Lil Brother” after the jump…

    (Props to madestcap for the upload.)

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