1. Fix The Throne: 10 Ways Jay-Z and Kanye West Can Repair Their Reportedly Damaged Relationship.

    Yesterday the New York Post reported that rap superstars Jay-Z and Kanye West – together known as The Throne – are “barely speaking,” engulfed in a feud just a week prior to their much-hyped album Watch The Throne hitting iTunes. This morning Fake Shore Drive reported via a source that the allegations were “completely false.” But the rumor – whether true or false – has shaken all “Janye” (pronounced “Zhané”) fans to the core of our rap superstar worshiping beings. Jay-Z and Kanye fighting? Oh, Black Jesus – say it ain’t so. In the hopes that whatever rift – real or imagined – can be mended, here are our 10 suggestions on how to Fix The Throne.

    1. Spa date.
    2. Matching handbags that are totally manly but stylish as fuck.
    3. TV party ( Sex & the City marathon on Oxygen Network).
    4. Wifeyswap.
    5. New man servants.
    6. Those three magic little words : Red. Velvet. Cupcakes.
    7. Caulk. (The Throne. It’s broken. Get it?)
    8. Record “H.A.M. II (Hey, Apologies, Man)”
    9. Kittens named “S. Dot Mittens” and “Mr. Yeezers.” YSL bows optional.
    10. #FF each other.

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