1. 10 Record Store Day 2012 Recommendations.

    Tomorrow is Record Store Day 2012 – the official seasonal stimulus package for the few, the proud, the diehards who still toil in brick n’ mortar music retail shops worldwide. And while for some of us around here RSD is a daily operation, we hold no elitist attitudes towards vinyl dilettantes. Support your local record store, people! There’s no excuse – especially given the plethora of RSD limited edition exclusives and specialty items being made available – across all genres. Here are 10 Record Store Day special releases that we consider no brainers. Buy you some… rekkids!


    Danny Brown – XXX (Deluxe Edition) (Fool’s Gold)

    Last year’s consensus rap album of the year finally sees life on wax. Despite the double white vinyl (not to mention RSD bonus 45) we’re betting it still sounds dirty as ever.

    James Brown – “There It Is” b/w “Pass the Peas” 7″ (Universal)

    You might have heard of this guy. No relation to Danny, but he’s pretty good. Features two previously unreleased takes of two JB/JB’s classics recorded live at the Apollo.

    J Dilla – “Think Twice” 7″ b/w J Dilla ft. Common – “E = MC2” (BBE)

    One of the standouts from Welcome 2 Detroit b/w one of the standouts from The Shining . Only question is if it’ll sell out before hitting these shores. Someone over the pond grab us a couple, aight?

    The Pharcyde – Bizarre Ride II The Pharcyde : The Singles Collection (Get On Down)

    Crazy elaborate 7″ box set of tunes from the LA quartet’s classic 1992 debut that plays “Oh Shit” when you open it. (No shit! Really! Watch above.)

    Shabazz Palaces – Live at KEXP (Sub Pop)

    Entire studio session recorded last summer at the University of Washington’s KEXP on purple vinyl. Purple reigns. Inhale that space dust, brothers and sisters.

    T. Rex – Electric Warrior 7″ Box Set (Rhino)

    These six singles, collected and boxed, comprise Marc Bolan and crew’s complete classic LP in addition to the non-album B-sides. It’s all about “Mambo Sun,” son.

    The Upsetters – Blackboard Jungle Dub (Deluxe Edition) (Get On Down)

    “Calling the meek and the humble… welcome to Blackboard Jungle.” Dub classic from Lee “Scratch” Perry and King Tubby on a 3-piece 10″ colored vinyl set. Re-mastered for maximum sound quality control. Forward the bass!

    Various Artists – WTNG: Solid Bronze (Numero Group)

    Numero Group always comes correct. For RSD the Chi’s tireless audio archeologists dig up a collection of rock and soul songs (“11 unique tunes about taking it easy, love crashing around people, magic lamps, and golden ponies” – by TNG’s descript) presented in the spirit of vintage radio station compilations/battle of the bands albums. Limited edition blue and pink vinyl copies too.

    Nick Waterhouse – “Don’t You Forget It” b/w The Allah Las – “Don’t You Forget It” split 8″ (Innovative Leisure)

    When is retro not so retro? When you drop it (“it” in this case being excellent ’60s inspired R&B/pop rock ish) via a never-seen-before-type 8″ split single. Stay innovatin’.

    White Stripes – “Hand Springs” b/w “Red Death at 6:14” (Third Man Records)

    Once upon a time, White Stripes were a grimy rock band no one outside of Detroit knew about. Here are two elusive sides from those days – the former originally from a split single with the Dirtbombs; the latter from the Sympathetic Sounds of Detroit comp – tidily paired on one 45. They rawk.

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