1. 10 Reasons It Was Absolutely Necessary To Institute a No Live-Tweeting Rule at Last Week's "Watch The Throne" Listening Session.


    Late last week the hype machine for Jay-Z and Kanye West's Watch The Throne duet album kicked into overdrive when a select group of industry taste-makers were invited to an exclusive 'Hov-hosted WTT listening session at the Mercer Hotel in SoHo NYC. (But was there prosciutto? Damn skippy.) In fact, the session was so exclusive that a no live-tweeting rule was instituted for its duration (one guest was even kicked out for violating, so you know the Thronies weren't messing around). While this ATS level of WTT security might have some saying WTF (you know since it's, um, just a rap album) we here at ego trip believe the no live-tweeting rule for Jay and Kanye's mega-project preview was absolutely, positively necessary.


    1. They're rap superstars. Not attention whores.

    2. Like perfection can be adequately described in 140 characters or less. Get real.

    3. Safety first: 'Hov and 'Ye feared invited guests could die from possible "OMG" overdoses.

    4. Would have interfered with Def Jam's plan to use blimps as main method of WTT promotion.

    5. Jay and Kanye concerned that trending topic #WTT would be confused with Women's Tractor-Pull Tournament going on that same night.

    6. Julian Assange spotted at listening session buffet line.

    7. Have you ever tried tweeting "amazing" while totally awestruck? Auto-correct always changes it to "Amistad." Awkward.

    8. It was either that or make motherfuckers strip naked and wear shower caps.

    9. It's spelled "WTT." Not "ADD."

    10. It's not like Twitter was invented for you to write short frivolous messages while you're busy doing something else.


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