1. 10 Reasons a "Juice" Remake Starring Soulja Boy Is Absolutely Necessary


    In recent weeks famed rapper Souljah Boy announced that he's in production on a remake of the classic '90s hip-hop film Juice , starring as Bishop - the role originally held down by Tupac Shakur. This news - along with word that Waka Flocka Flame has joined the cast - has been met much with much Waka Flocka flack from fans of the OG. Well, here in egotripland we may be crotchety old fogies. But we're convinced that this remake is, in fact, absolutely necessary .


    1. Tattoo-based plot points tragically underdeveloped in the original.

    2. Golden opportunity to replace DJ battle scene with tension filled dance-off.

    3. Harlem 1992: merely gully. ATL 2011: PRETTY BOY SWAG-TASTIC!

    4. Because if there's any one person on this planet who instantly evokes the spirit of 2Pac, it's the guy who recorded "Kiss Me Thru the Phone."

    5. Time for Omar Epps to get outta the House and back to the ’hood, yo!

    6. Chance for Chris Brown to cover “Don’t Be Afraid” for soundtrack.

    7. Three words: Lil B cameo.

    8. Scene with groupie and cocaine already getting rave reviews. (Wait, that was actually Soulja Boy's other movie.)

    9. Tupac’s deceased body badly in need of rolling over.

    10. Ill-conceived remakes and sequels: the 5th element of hip-hop!


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  2. You might wanna peep...

    • LMNOpRich1

      I for 1 am boycotting this shit I mean REALLY soulja kid to play bishop that role was made for pac no one will be able to top his acting I love that movie and the fact that there trying to remake it shows that they have no taste for real acting leave the originals alone already, all I know is if this filth does happen ,"watch those niggas man I mean I can handle myself but there's no telling what they might do to juice, I'll do em in if I have too though"

    • Celestial Kid

      Is this satire or some shit?