1. 10 Possible Brooklyn Nets Slogans.

    Today, the newly-relocated-from-Jersey Brooklyn Nets basketball franchise unveiled its new logo. And wow, is it incredibly… um, not particularly interesting. Team part-owner Jay-Z was apparently “instrumental” in the design of the no frills black-and-white sans-serif typefaced logo , and said via statement: “The boldness of the designs demonstrate the confidence we have in our new direction… The new colors and logos are examples of our commitment to update and refine all aspects of the team.” Yup, those colors that aren’t there are confident all right. This new logo is so slammin’ we figured the Brooklyn Nets could use some help with a new slogan that matches its fire and intensity. Peep our 10 suggestions, after the jump…

    1. Bland So Hard.

    2. Our Balls Have Moved.

    3. Commitment to Meh.

    4. Borrowed From the Brooklyn Public Library.

    5. You Can’t Spell “Excitement” Without a “B” (Oh Shit, You Can).

    6. Brooklyn – We Go Hard (On the Internet For 5 Minutes Looking For Logo Fonts).

    7. County of Kings. Court of Bankers.

    8. Ballin’ Under Control.

    9. Is Mediocrity In the House?!

    10. We Got Tame.

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