1. 10 Perfectly Reasonable Explanations Why Rick Perry Would Keep a Sign Saying “Niggerhead” At His Family’s Hunting Camp.


    Texas governor and GOP presidential candidate Rick Perry found himself embroiled in controversy yesterday when it was reported in the Washington Post that his family's West Texas hunting camp has long been ID-ed by an unfortunate, racially charged name - "Niggerhead." Perry has called the name "offensive" and claims that the large rock flanking the camp's entrance with "Niggerhead" painted in block letters across it had been painted over years ago when his father initially leasing the land in the early '80s. That account, however, differs from the recollections of seven other people cited in the Post 's story, who remember seeing the offending rock more recently - bringing into question whether Perry, as a public figure, invited lawmakers and other guests to his camp with a prominent "Niggerhead" sign welcoming them. Well, we here at egotripland believe Governor Perry has every right to bust caps with his pals at his offensively christened retreat (y'know, as long as he's not doing a Dick Cheney and shooting motherfuckers in the face). In fact, there's gotta be plenty of perfectly reasonable explanations as to why he'd keep a "Niggerhead" sign so prominently displayed around camp. We just know there is...


    1. Thought sign was obstructed enough so no "niggers" would see it.

    2. Ran out of paint thinner to cover sign. Nearest hardware store was like 30 miles away.

    3. Assumed he could simply execute anyone in state of Texas who may have been offended.

    4. Wanted to put AOL password somewhere so he wouldn’t forget it.

    5. Every time he was about to go to the shed and get his paintbrush and fixins to cover up the sign, his phone rang. Swear. To. God.

    6. Asked his Black friends and they said it wasn’t a problem. (The Blacks are a white family that live in the same county.)

    7. Didn’t want to paint over sign until he could find out the name of the font that was originally used. (It was a really nice font.)

    8. Embarrassed to admit “Niggerhead” was actually name of his first band.

    9. Was a typo. Should have read: “Nigger Read” – part of Perry’s revolutionary Texas education program, No Nigger Left Behind .

    10. Don’t mess with Texas… racism!

  2. You might wanna peep...

    • bboycult

      Also for accuracy because...it's where they bury all the "Nigger Heads"; under the Klan robes and just to the left of that great old box of VHS 'Cuckold' tapes (also a family heirloom).