1. The 10 Best TV Theme Songs (That Complex Didn’t List).

    Our friends at Complex just published The 50 Best TV Show Theme Songs (a rundown egotripland’s own TV watching fool, Gabriel Alvarez, wrote and helped compile with their staff). Of course, like any list painstakingly crafted for the Internutz, there’s gonna be selections that didn’t make the final cut. This is especially true with television themes… there’s so damn many of ’em that are close to people’s hearts for nostalgic reasons, it’s impossible to squeeze them all in. So if you didn’t see one of your favorites, don’t feign a heart attack like Fred Sanford (BTW – Sanford & Son theme – FIYA!). Here are 10 TV tunes we always luh-ed that didn’t fit on the other list – presented to you for your listening (and watching) pleasure.



    1. Twilight Zone .

    Master composer Bernard Herrmann’s eerie score was remixed by Marius Constant – giving viewers the most recognized version of the creepy intro to Rod Serling’s iconic series.

    2. Ironside .

    Quincy Jones was on one when he wrote this mindblowing theme for courtroom drama and psychological thrills. Later memorably revived by the good Dr. Andre Young for Ruthless villains, Above the Law – not just once , but twice .

    3. Space: 1999 .

    It appears that in the ’70s disco-funk flourishes, and snortin’ space dust were also popular in other galaxies. Gotta love how the spaceship crashes right on cue.

    4. The Persuaders!

    We can’t front, we ain’t never even seen this show. But goddamn if that ain’t some stylish and elegant soundtrack work by John Barry. ‘Bout to bust out the ascots and top hats and go international mackin’ after hearing this.

    5. It’s Garry Shandling Show .

    Damn, all this time we thought it was Randy Newman, but it turns out it was a musician named Bill Lynch who wrote and performed this obvious-theme-song-is-obvious number that you may never get out of your head.

    6. House M.D.

    Massive Attack’s “Teardrop” (1998) sounds good anywhere. Even amongst House ninjas.

    7. Underdog .

    “Wu-Tang Clain Ain’t Nuttin To F’ Wit” and neither is Underdog.

    8. Twin Peaks .

    Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch’s music for a TV series about a dead prom queen wrapped in plastic still sounds haunting and heavenly.

    9. America’s Most Wanted .

    Gillian Gilbert and Stephen Morris of New Order hook up a mean anthem for 24-hour crime-fighting people.

    10. The Incredible Hulk .

    Although a bit of it was used in the show’s opening, the sad, aching piano piece “The Lonely Man” could be most heard clearly in its end credits. Forget Hulkshare. Share Hulk ‘s emo theme with a friend – and cry together.

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