1. Covers of Mobb Deep, Nas, Kool G. Rap, C-N-N, Cormega by Lexiglass (AUDIO).


    A Queens tribute to the music of Mobb Deep, Nas, Kool G. Rap, C-N-N and Cormega

  2. DJ Khaled ft. Kendrick Lamar, Big Sean & Betty Wright — “Holy Key” (AUDIO).


    Here for Kendrick and Betty

  3. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.22.16


    Chuck D slams the Trumps, defends Black Lives Matter.
    "He’s stupid and this convention is stupid for having him.” By Deena Zaru

    KRS-One Says Afrika Bambaataa Detractors Should ‘Quit Hip-Hop.’
    “Some of us are going to have to be untouchable or our entire culture is going to fall. Our culture cannot fall on the accusations of four people, that’s weak.” By Brian Josephs
    [Spin] ALSO: Ronald Savage responds to KRS comments [All Hip Hop]

  4. Portable ft. Ursula Rucker — "Say It's Going To Change" (Bodycode Remix) (AUDIO).


    For those who got into the hip-house flavor of that Mighty Mi x Large Professor track (with the The 45 King Remix), here’s something else for you.

  5. Sam Trump ft. Add-2 — “Brother" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    No relation to the scum running for President.

    Produced by Calvin Valentine

  6. The Cornel West Theory — "Other Side Of The Line (Anita)" (MUSIC VIDEO).


    The T.A.B.L.E.

  7. Public Enemy Action Figures by Ed Piskor.


    Comes with bonus stickers by the creator of Hip Hop Family Tree.

  8. Grand Puba — "UDK” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    Black From The Future

  9. Phonte & Eric Roberson — Tigallerro (ALBUM STREAM).


    Top notch R&B soul for ya.


Follow The Leaders.

Heavy Rotation.

De La Soul - Stakes Is High (Tall Black Guy Pimped Out Edit)
J. Rocc - Dillatronic Mix
Freddie Gibbs x Madlib - Cocaine Parties in L.A.
Kool Keith - Total Orgasm 4