1. TucA — “Círculos No Escuro” (AUDIO).


    “Lucid dreams, entheogens, punk psychedelia and binary rock.”

  2. Fatima — “Rest In Peace” (MUSIC VIDEO).


    A moment for all the people who have passed but who will never leave your heart.

  3. Baby Ace ft. Rob Gullatte — “I’m Talkin Bout” (AUDIO).


    The South got something to say. Produced by Donnie Houston & B Don.

  4. Him-Lo ft. Big Nawz — “Valore Bathrobes” (AUDIO).


    Well, damn, this is that raw, unfiltered rap shit brought to you by Unkut.

  5. Crummie Beats ft. Chuck D — “KicKyomuthafucknAss” (AUDIO).


    Chuck doesn’t rhyme on this, he’s only doin’ a drop, but the earth-crushing track is still perfect for the countdown to armageddon.

  6. Sifu Hotman (Guante x
    deM atlaS x Rube) — “Matches” & “Whose Planet? Our Planet” (AUDIO).


    From the Embrace the Sun LP.


  7. Raekwon Talks New Album, Parenting and His Top 5 MCs at the Barber Shop (VIDEO).


    Spoiler: For those with no patience, The Chef’s Top 5 MC’s List is as follows: …MORE

  8. Stay Hatin’ Episode #70 (AUDIO).


    More music straight off tapes: Krown Rulers, Kid Sensation, Above The Law, Bloods & Crips and mucho mas, including vintage KMEL radio broadcast snippets.

  9. (O)ther (P)eople’s (P)osts, 7.30.14


    (Photo: Donald Traill/Invision/AP)

    1. Rapper Nas was Surprised to Discover His Third Great-Grandmother on Finding Your Roots.
    Mr. Jones saw a bill of sale for his kin to a Southern slaveholder on the show with Dr. Henry Louis Gates. By David Hinckley.
    [NY Daily News]

    2. The Man Who Made the Beastie Boys’ Masterpiece Possible, Paul’s Boutique 25 Years Later.
    Excerpt from Dan LeRoy and Peter Relic’s book, For Whom the Cowbell Tolls: 25 Years of Paul’s Boutique: “The failure of Paul’s Boutique has become an integral part of its myth. It was a Great Misunderstood Masterpiece, an album far too ahead of its time, yet an album whose sample-laden construction insured it could never have existed in any other time. And, because of a set of players and industry circumstances that could not have been duplicated, it could certainly never have been made for any label other than Capitol.”


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